In a world where everything just seems to be costing more and more, the last thing anyone needs is an unforeseen cost rearing its ugly head.

One of the often neglected areas where these can arise are on our doors and windows.

These things are often taken for granted but can cost us so much if not taken care of properly.

For example, a poorly maintained front or back door can hurt your gas or heating bills. They can let in the cold air from outside through small gaps where the door is not adjusted correctly.

They can also be a target for criminals who are finding more and more ways to access properties through poorly looked after doors and windows.

Spending time upgrading the security of our locks and hardware is key to avoiding unwanted guests.

This is why we have been out and about providing our customers with completely free,no obligation visual inspections of their doors and windows and making recommendations based on our findings as to how we can help to save them money in the long run.

Whether this is new, higher security locks or simply a low cost door service. we can make suggestions that will minimise the impact on your budgets.

Servicing starts from just £29.99 with new locks starting at £30.00 (plus labour).

Call NSJ Locksmiths, Sunderland on 07595399885 to book your free appointment. Alternatively, email us at or visit our website

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