It's the little things that make the biggest difference

Doing the job of a locksmith in the Sunderland area, you see a lot of things that people can do to enhance the security, and ultimately safety of their property.

While there are obvious changes that can be made, such as CCTV and top of the line alarm systems, it is often the small and often overlooked things that can make a big difference, often at a fraction of the cost you may think.

Hiring a Sunderland Locksmith to upgrade your locks to British Standard, star rated locks is always recommended. Apart from anything else, they will definitely help you conform to current Home Insurance standards.

The locksmith, as well as doing the lock change, can also ensure that the lock fits correctly. It's amazing how many locks I see in the Sunderland area that are sticking too far out from the handle, thus making them susceptible to snapping and further attack.

Ideally the lock should be flush with the face of your handle, but certainly should not protrude more than 5mm for security reasons.

As well as this, your Sunderland locksmith can also advise on other upgrades such as high security handles to further enhance the safety of your home.

Of course, as always, NSJ Locksmiths, Sunderland Locksmith Service can help with this and so much more.

Simply call 07595399885 or visit for a free, no obligation quote.

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